In this episode of the Edge of NFT, we explore decentralized communities and digital ownership with James AKA Groovy of Just Ape Studios!

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Just Ape Studios is a trailblazer in the digital art realm, harnessing the power of NFTs and blockchain technology to redefine the intersection of art and fashion, fostering a community-driven approach to innovation and creativity in the Web3 space!

Groovy shares his vision for building bridges between Web2 and Web3, bringing together Apes Across Worlds on an exciting new L1 using open-source contributions like community governance platforms to empower participation! He also explains the rewards system behind Just Ape’s loyalty program and how they create real-world value from digital collectibles AND scaling communities by looking outside existing ecosystems.

Join us in today’s Hot Topic as Matt Mason of Broadside NFT discusses their new collaboration with – allowing their holders to share 30% content creation royalties through NFT book sales!

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πŸ”‘ Chapters:
00:00 – Introduction: Who is James AKA Groovy and What is Just Ape?
05:33 – What is Ape Across Worlds and What’s up with Aleph Zero?
09:50 – Growing Just Ape through Technology and the community
15:50 – What Inspired Groovy to Create Projects Off Web3?
19:20 – What’s Next for Just Ape?
23:17 – community Building Done Right with Pudgy Penguins
25:18 – Hot Topic: Matt Mason Announces the “Broadside Collector’s Edition” with
46:19 – Edge Quick Hitters: On Childhood Nostalgia and Young Entrepreneurship


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