Did you know this? 👇

1) Contrary to what a lot of people say Affiliate marketing is not ‘easy’. The business model is simple to understand and it’s easier than other online business models because there is no shipping, inventory or selling, BUT money is not going to just start flowing into your account. It takes time to learn the skills and the timeline differs for each person. I struggled so much my first 6 months online.

2) You really should know/preferably but the product you are promoting. You do not have to pay to promote the products but if you don’t believe in the product and know what’s inside it’s going to be hard feeling comfortable recommending it. You would not recommend a product to a friend you have never tried right? So don’t do it to strangers on social media.

3) As an Affiliate your job is to generate leads for the company whose product you are promoting. To do this you need to know who your ideal customer is and speak to them. Share your journey, share how the product benefitted you. Use storytelling and speak to different pain points.

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