Welcome to Negronis with Nord. In this episode of Negronis with Nord, James emphasizes the need for platform diversification due to the TikTok ban threat and Meta’s decision to stop paying creators bonuses for their reels. He also shares tips for alternate revenue streams and gives his insights on this year’s Oscars.

This episode includes:
0:00 Welcome to Episode 52!
0:17 Economic troubles: How consumer confidence bolsters the economy
1:55 End of NFTs, Metaverse, & IG Reels Bonuses
3:11 Alternate revenue streams
5:01 Will TikTok be banned?
6:55 What to do if TikTok is banned
7:33 Points of failure – how to diversify
8:52 James’ thoughts on the Oscars


About Negronis with Nord

Influencers know what resonates with their followers. Brands know their product and how to sell it effectively. But we’ll guess that neither party spends a lot of time trying to understand the business of influencer marketing. That’s where this series comes in.

Negronis with Nord, featuring Fohr’s CEO and Founder, James Nord, will offer influencer marketing strategy, tips, and advice for anyone involved in the influencer marketing space–whether you’re an entrepreneur, influencer, content creator, brand ambassador, or marketing professional on the brand side.

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