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We’re unveiling the world of Affiliate marketing, custom-built for beginners curious about its workings.

🔎 You’ll discover the essence of Affiliate marketing – becoming the vital link between consumers and sought-after products/services.

💡What’s more, you’ll learn how to start without a massive budget or a team, leveraging channels like blogging, YouTube, or social media to reach your audience effectively.

🧐We’ll also uncover your niche, explore Affiliate programs, and unearth the power of SEO.

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Here’s what I’ll be covering in this video:
00:00 Introduction
00:21 What is Affiliate marketing?
01:22 How to find a niche
03:00 Affiliate marketing programs
05:05 Attracting traffic to your blog with SEO
06:28 Link building

⚒️ tools mentioned:
Google Trends ▶︎ https://trends.google.com/trends/
SEOquake ▶︎ https://smr.sh/Kpd
Keyword Magic Tool ▶︎ https://smr.sh/Kp3
Domain Overview ▶︎ https://smr.sh/KpU
Backlink Analytics ▶︎ https://smr.sh/Kpa

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