How to Earn from the LiveGood Matching Bonuses!
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How to Earn at LiveGood via Matching Bonuses!

One of the 6 ways for an affiliate at LiveGood to get paid is via Matching Bonus. This could also be a source of some HUGE earnings for a certain member on a monthly basis. But in order for these Matching Bonuses to take effect on you, you must have some number of personally enrolled affiliates.

Matching Bonuses come from the Earnings made by your Team from the 2×15 Global Matrix, in which you will receive 50% of the amount received by your Direct Referrals. So for example you have 10 Direct Referrals who are earning $2,000 dollars monthly from the 2 x 15 matrix, you will receive (matched) half of the amount that each of those referrals received. So will receive $1,000 each and if multiplied by 10 ( for 10 referrals) you will be earning $10,000 monthly from that Matching Bonus alone. And that does not include your earnings from your own matrix.

So, here at LiveGood, the potential for making money is really endless.


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