One of the easiest ways to build authority and get powerful backlinks is the use of press releases. In this video, I’ll show you where I order mine when I create new Affiliate sites to give them a nice initial boost.

✅ AIWiseMind website:
✅ Press Releases:
✅ RankMath For SEO:
✅ Mangools SEO tools:

In this video, we’ll look into the often-underrated strategy of utilizing press releases to bolster your Affiliate website‘s ranking and authority. Regardless of your website‘s niche or your level of Affiliate marketing experience, this video is tailored to provide valuable insights that will enhance your strategy.

Personally, I use press releases to help me rank all my AI generated websites that are created using AIWiseMind. These AI Affiliate websites are completely automated and a boost of link juice can do wonders for increasing authority and rankings.

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