Now there are still lots of Affiliate programs out there. You can still promote a lot of sales funnels and a lot of products, and a lot of creators. You can still promote their stuff as an Affiliate. You just have to know where to find the links Amazon Associates is one of the best Amazon is all about e-commerce products. You’re going to be selling everything on the Amazon platform. The first two products that I sold online were both on Amazon. The first was a free trial with Audible. For every three-month free trial that you send to Audible, they pay you $25. That was the very, very, very first commissionable sale that I ever made selling a free trial with Audible. I made $25 from it Then I made a bunch more money from that same free trial offer. Then Amazon had a wireless program. It was They were reselling AT&T and Verizon’s cell phone plans.