M3 Max is a Machine Learning BEAST. So I took it for a spin with some LLM’s running locally.

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00:00 Intro
00:40 Build from scratch – manual
09:44 Bonus script – automated
11:21 LM Studio – one handed


//assuming you already have a conda environment set up, and dev tools installed (see videos above for instructions)
*Part 1 – manual*
brew install git-lfs
git lfs install
git clone https://github.com/ggerganov/llama.cpp
cd llama.cpp
pip install -r requirements.txt
git clone https://huggingface.co/teknium/OpenHermes-2.5-Mistral-7B openhermes-7b-v2.5
mv openhermes-7b-v2.5 models/
python3 convert.py ./models/openhermes-7b-v2.5 –outfile ./models/openhermes-7b-v2.5/ggml-model-f16.gguf –outtype f16
./quantize ./models/openhermes-7b-v2.5/ggml-model-f16.gguf ./models/openhermes-7b-v2.5/ggml-model-q8_0.gguf q8_0
./quantize ./models/openhermes-7b-v2.5/ggml-model-f16.gguf ./models/openhermes-7b-v2.5/ggml-model-q4_k.gguf q4_k
./batched-bench ./models/openhermes-7b-v2.5/ggml-model-f16.gguf 4096 0 99 0 2048 128,512 1,2,3,4
./server -m models/openhermes-7b-v2.5/ggml-model-q4_k.gguf –port 8888 –host –ctx-size 10240 –parallel 4 -ngl 99 -n 512

*Part 2 – auto*
bash -c “$(curl -s https://ggml.ai/server-llm.sh)”

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